Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Throwback #1

It was a long time story when I was in semester 1. I love to ride a bicycle since I was in childhood. When I comes to UUM and saw the tandom that can ride by two people. It was romantic..haha.. Just ride with your friend around UUM was a very heartwarming moments, I gues..

There are many tandom in UUM and we can ride it for free. Just give your matric card and you can ride it on. Unfortunately I just ride it on in semester one only and now I never ride it again since I was quite lazy going to Sports Centre..

Me with tandom

Owh.. for your information, there was also deer stables in UUM. So, we can ride the tandom and going to see the deer. I didn't have a picture when ride a tandom since doesn't have a monopod yet..haha.. After that, walking to our dpp and having a picture in front of DMS. Too early for semester 1 actually because on convocation day, many people will snap a picture in front of DMS.

When I look at the picture, I miss the old me with a thin looks.

Quite pretty scene I guess.. Opps. I dont think I had time now to snap a picture again in front of DMS, but I look forward to have a nice picture this last semester. Having a photography session with all my friends is a best thing I dream on it.



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