Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Microlight is Owesoooooome

Before i story more about my first experience, what is the microlight about??
A Microlight aircraft is another name for a powered hang glider, more commonly known as a trike. This aircraft is controlled by weight-shift, just as a hang glider is. The only real control difference between a hang glider and a Microlight is the way in which it becomes airborne.

Flying to find another one of me..haha

My first experience is around 2003 ( i guess so), then after that I never ride the microlight that I love damn much. Last year (2013), when my uncle ask me whether I want to ride it again so the answer is absolutely YES. It was a big opportunities for me because I love to try something news. The we went to the microlight place with my cousins and my sister.

it's not me actually..haha.. with my happening cousins :)

It was very cold since I ride it at 9.30 am. Frozen.. (Let it go..Let it go..) haha.. I never did something that 'gila-gila'. but I don't know why I did it. *sigh

my uncle helping me out from this microlight. Thanks Ayah Lang for bring me there :)

If you are interested with it and want to feel the experiences that I had, just visit their website
Til then, have a nice day!



  1. I thought that one was hang glider.. XDD

    anyway.. that's sound pretty fun XD

    so far... lol XDD maybe later sis.. :3 hehe

    btw I really want to experience this :D :D :D

  2. wahh! it looks so excitinggg! i hope i can try it someday huhu

  3. eehhhhh seronoknyaaaa.. teringin juga nk try.. :)

  4. Macam best je nak try jugaklah nanti hehe :D

  5. wahh, macam best je =)

    hehe, jemput join GA

  6. wow zz!!! awesomenya!!! harap sangat dapat naik jugak one day T-T. mesti best kan? huhu


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