Monday, April 21, 2014

The IFBAs Family

Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. When my senior offered to me to become one of IFBAs Family, it was a little bit surprised since it was on my dream to being active in acedemic society. *just wanna share being in academic society will get a good experiences.. :)

our logo

That is our logo for my club IFBA which stand for Islamic Finance and Banking Association and my position in IFBAs Family is Exco of Community Development. Time goes by so fast, we already run a lot of programs so we just like a family, very close to each other and I will miss both of them when we overcome the challenges together.
16 of us
We run many programs such as MFPC National Financial Planning 2013 which contributes by 14 society and club under College of Business (UUM) and participates by 15 universities such as UIA, UKM, UPSI, UUM, UMK, UNITEN, UTAR, UITM etc and won by UTAR, UMK and UKM. It was a good experience for me and our club.
Since our club just newly established last year 2013 so that we didn't run many programs but there was a programs that I have a memory on it. It was MAKP (Majlis Anugerah Kelab/Persatuan Kolej Perniagaan 2013 which is a grand event that IFBA conduct under PPA COB and for the first time being this event just conduct only by 1 club not by 16 club and held at Hotel EDC Uum. Our president take the challenges and Alhamdulillah it run smoothly.
Do you know what is the themes for this event? ngee.. Wedding Theme. So the students that involved in this event wearing baju kurung and baju melayu. We also had Silat,Nasyid & Duet performances on that day.

During the program

I made it..Got inspiration from one of my friends wedding

photography session

That's all about my IFBAs Family.. Its hard to write since everything we had is a beautiful moments. Love all of you damn much.. Hope to see that IFBA will success in the future. There is the video for this event so you can watch it. Just to show how I like this event damn much. :)

Till then, have a nice day!


  1. gambar last tuuu ala comelnya kak <3

  2. ee: aaa..malu.. mne de comel la.. lgi comel taw dr kak zz :)

  3. wahhh Uitm pun join lah hee :D.
    btw besar besaran yee

  4. df: yup.. MFPC tu mmg besar2 punye.. :) tp zz x sure UITM mane masa tu.. :)

  5. such a big and grand program ever held by IFBA. thumbs up guys!


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