Friday, April 18, 2014

Assignment weeks!!

Ending my mid semester break with headache. haha.. Worried about presentations, mid semester exam, assignments, programmes and others. I target to finish all of them in 2 weeks. Pray for me. 
               SGDI – assignment’s + presentation about imam al-Ghazali
                 STID – quiz + 10 entry in blog
                 SM – poster presentation (chapter 11)
                 Seminar- Business proposal + presentation, Assignments + Grand Presentation 
                (Combine 4 Class), Poster Presentation (Issue in Islamic Finance and Banking)

All of my friends felt like that and this week is just full with tension but just pray and Du’a that Allah may ease us. So that, I post one status that will encourage us. Filled the last semester at UUM with lovely and enjoyable moments but not forget to put all effort on study.  

Unfortunately we are in last semester and hopefully that we will enjoy this moments before enter the practicum world. If I looking the pictures when I was in semester 1, immediately I will smile. I think that I was very slim 3 years ago not chubby like now. haha..

Just looking back the memory, it felt really bless. Sometimes I got hurt but trying hard to remember the moments that we have, so it will threw away. Even we are in tough weeks, just feel relaxed because we are in same ship. Being together will make you forget everything about that. And now we are in library and finished our assignment’s and we will going to eat steamboat for release tension. Study the whole day will make us hungry..

till then, have a nice day!


  1. cantikk!sy pn kna wt blog gk utk stid . tp xsiap lagi :-(

  2. anon: terima kasih.. eh ye ke? hjung bulan nk kena submit dah kn..

  3. sibuknya akak..berdebar la saya nak masuk u ni..uhuk uhuk

  4. gudluck utk final semester.. :D

  5. nini: eh jgn.. jangan berdebar.. mnggu mcm ni lah yg kita akn rindu bila keje nnt.. hihi

  6. niessa: terima kasih.. doakan ye.. :)

  7. macam susah je minggu macam tu, hehe. Btw goodluck :D

  8. nur hidayah: thanx a lot.. :D
    ain nafisha: hihi,, cabaran sem akhir mcm tu la.. x blh nak elak.. thanx ye fisha.. doakan ea..

  9. wish you all the best. strive in earnest kak. pray for you. always. hehehe.

  10. all the best zierwa :) May Allah bless u always dear :*

  11. gudluck siapkan semua assigments. busy je nampak akak ni. may Allah ease ^^

  12. ee: hihi.. thanx a lot dear.. wish u all the best too..

    yaya: thanx dear.. :)

    mazni: hihi..tula.. nk kna bg kental semangat nk siapkan.. sem akhir mcm ni la.. byk projek.. :)

  13. wish you all the best ye.. makan kena maintain jangan pernah skip ye kak. hehe :D

  14. You got chubby means that you are happy. Don't get stress. hehe

  15. zakira: hihi..tu la.. kdg2 ada jgk skip

    siti hajar: keh2.. x nk lh gitu..

    cikbee: hihi.. dlm hati ade..dont worry


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