Monday, April 28, 2014

3 Stages of Smile

Give me a warm smile, its sadaqah.. 

Let's start with hadith 31:

Abu Dhar reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:
“Your smile to your brother is a sadaqah (charitable act) for you. Your commanding the right and forbidding the wrong is a sadaqah...

From now, starts your day with a big smile and please make it sure its come from your heart.

opps.. coupled it with a set of healthy teeth, please..hehe

sharing a 3 Stages of smile with all of you. Let's see which stage we are in?

First Stage:Smile when greeting others
The easiest thing but hard to make it,right? Feel shy to smile with the people we don't know, while a smile may delight the hearts of those who are grieving. Who knows, someone feel relieved when see our smile? With smiles, we can get a new friends, with a warm smiles we can also ask people when we don't know and it all starts with a BIG smile. First, when we want to make a move, ignore the shame that we  had when we smile people just ignore it. Bear in your mind that smile is sadaqah.

Second Stage: Forced to smile and not sincere
credit to google
Forced to smile will be a fake smile. When we show facial expressions of sadness, others may be depressed by us.  Review Psychological Science in 2012 pointed out that by forcing yourself to smile, we'll feel more relaxed :

A team of researchers, using chopsticks, has been experimenting with manipulating page 169 volunteers either to make a neutral face (not smiling) or smile naturally. Volunteers, which some of them were instructed to smile, then do some pretty stressful activities while continuing to hold the chopsticks into their mouths.
      Based on the monitored heart rate and stress levels (as told by volunteer), researchers found that those who smile naturally is the most relaxed while doing the activity.

When are in stress or grief mood, try to push yourself to smile even it will seems weird sometimes because at least it can reduce stress and make you more happy. 
Third Stage:Smile comes from your heart
Smile is an addictive element that appeal to us. Sincere smile that comes from your heart will beatify the people around us. Always smile to others will earn reward from Allah.

Let's start with a big SMILE today. Just like Pinkie Pie.. hihi


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