Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Lovely Family

To know more about me let's I introduce more about my lovely family. =) Start with my dad's first which I called 'Baba'.My dad's name is Zainal Abidin bin Saad was born in year 1967 at Kuala Lanjut, Kedah. My mum which I called 'ummi' and it's not nyonya..haha was born in year 1968 at Pulau Pinang, just one year younger than my dad. My dad work as soldier but now he was retired and being one of "penceramah bebas" at mosque,surau and etc. If you know my dad, you will see the opposite side of him and not based from his look. My mum is a house wife that love sewing, cooking and reading. She always sharing anything that good for us and always advice me since I was really naughty..huhu.. I love both of them damn much.

I'm the eldest daughter that born on the 14th of August at Klinik Aisyah, Sungai Petani, Kedah. I love pink damn much. Now currently studying in UUM and taking Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking and will be finish my study in June, InshaAllah. Still single and available, I guess. Don't think too much in commitment yet until I have a career first.

My little sister name Nazhatul Wijdan and currently in Irbid, Jordan taking an Arabic Language courses to become more fluent since she was finished her degree in Arabic as a second language at KUIS, Bangi. She's 23 years old and prefer to called as Kak Ngah. Will back to Malaysia at the end of May. Hopefully that her dreams will become true to be a lecturer, InshaAllah.

The eldest brother in my family named Zainul Azhanil Adyan was born in year 1994. Already finished his industrial training at Kedah and now in semester break. He's 20 years old and currently studying at Politeknik Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang in Mechanical Engineering. He is a unique person. I likes when he is in a good mood because he will be a caring person but if he is not in a good mood, I thought he will be a Hulk..haha..

Youngest in my family is Zainul Ilman which we called him 'Adik'. Born in year 1998 and now he's 16 years old. Studying far away from our house make me miss him damn much. He studying at SMAP Kajang from Form 1 until now. Achieve flying colors in UPSR, PMR make me proud of him. Love to read just like me..haha.

That's all about my lovely story.The happiness with them that I can't have it. Went to holiday together even hard to gather right now, but really hope for quality we spent together. I love all of you. To ummi and baba, thanx a lot for what have you done for me, being with me in my hard times, to my lovely sibling, lets make ummi and baba happy and hope the happiness we had till the end of our life and meet again in Jannah, InshaAllah.

Till then, have a nice day on labor day.

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