Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fire Drill @ My Residential Hall

On 24th, my beloved Dpp, Mas had a fire drill at 12.15pm. Actually it was my first experience since 3 years in UUM.. It was my last sem.. I had a great experiences on fire drill when I was in form 4. It was a long time ago.

I already slept since i was very tired and had a fever. When I heard someone shout "Fire, Fire"(i thought it was a committee for fire drill program @ maybe some acting to make it real), I was so shocked. Since I was KB(kaki buli ketua blok) for my block, I must make sure that my block is empty first and get together with all DPP members at Astaka and Cafe.

we had some explanations and demonstration from firefighters and it was a good explanation so that we know what to do when we want to deal with flame. I had some video when our members want to had an experiences to extinguish fires. I just love to see how they experiences it but of course thats not me.. :) 

p.s please reduce your volume first..huhu..

We finished at 2.00 am and I was very sleepy at that time and have a class tomorrow at 8.00 am but it was a good experiences. Just don't be panic if we see a fires, know how to handle it. 

till then, have a nice day!

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