Saturday, April 7, 2012

Role Play Daebak!!


lme sgt zz x update.. rindu x?? * terharu pada sape yg rindu zz
insyaAllah, after that, zz can update more and more because this time
zz will not busy anymore.. *PERHAPS.. ngeh2..
so, last week our group I5 made a role-play for subject ECOM II..
very enjoy with it.. :) i miss that time.. sob2..
7 groups with 7 theme.. :)

1st group.. * flying.. :) i didn't remember the themes
2nd group * Nepalian.. haha... 

Group 3 * Izzah n Haris..
sgt sopan.. ngeh2..
Group 4 * gempa bumi..
Group 5 * Aaron Aziz yg cute..hehe
Group 6 *my group..

Scene 2
Board on time machine.. haha.. :)

Last Group (Group 7)

so many pictures, right? hehe... this 2 days make my day being so great eventhough full of mid term exam,
meeting and so on.. i will miss this class..
actually, this is my 2nd time role play.. but i didn't have a picture during my first role play even a once..
sob2.. so sad.. but i always remember it.. my sweet memory.
so, after role play we have capture some picture with group member and lecturer..
HERE IT IS... (tada..)
bila tgk gmbr ni.. mesti teringt lakonan SAMAD..hehe..
just one word: SPORTING!!
thanx for made my day  SWEET

thanx a lot to my group member for your full commitment.. will miss our BEST group!!
farizul yg selalu tersenyum(sweet mcm gula2..) ida dengan sportingnye..
and k.husna & nisah.. we just doing our best to make it..

* teringt Aaron Aziz yg sgt comel.. kedekut bila org minx makanan..
Entry yg sgt panjang untuk balas dendam..
rindu kot..hehe...
* sorry kalau eglish x btul.. sdg mencuba memberanikan diri...hehe..

for those who didn't do a role play, just do your best and ENJOY with it..


  1. wahh wahh. cmm best je ^^ heheheh

  2. teringat pulak zaman belajar aritu. grouping² mcm ni. ;)

  3. bessssssssss. hee.

    p/s: jemput join segmen eh. cepat. boleh je. sblm akak buat list peserta ni. ;)


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